Hi there :)

I’m Peter, the founder of this little newsletter I made for the (aspiring) entrepreneurs!


As someone who’s been walking on this path for years, with varying degrees of success (translation: mostly failures), I know how hard it is to go at it alone.

I create this newsletter for me, first and foremost. I want a source of daily articles to read, that would actually teach me things, motivate me, and help me on this journey. I’m also a control freak, and I like things exactly how I want it.

The problems with finding things to read on the internet these days, is that while we’re sitting on a wealth of information, it’s covered up by so much bullshit. It’s either gossips masqueraded as “news” and “information”, like what Elon Musk eat for breakfast, or SEO articles written by AI designed to rank well, but are just mostly generic garbage.

That’s why I set on a quest to create something with substance. I want to curate a selection of the best articles on the internet, that makes my brain firing up instead of numbing down when I read them.

I hope that the newsletter will do that for you. And good luck to you on your journey!