📖 6 most profound lessons for entrepreneurs I’ve learned

... and where I got them from

I’m trying something new today, so here’s a little infographic I made. I’m terrible at this though. Let me know if you hate it.


Here’s the source of where I got these lessons from:

  1. Obviously the book, but here’s a summary if you’re short on time.

  2. This article that I really, really, really love. It might be my favorite article ever.

  3. https://blog.samaltman.com/hard-startups

  4. https://x.com/StartupArchive_/status/1779477221788561734

  5. https://seths.blog/2018/11/quality-and-effort/

  6. “How to be successful”. A must read as well, no matter what stages of life you’re on.


Btw, I’ve decided that Threads is my social media of choice for now (because I don’t want anything to do with X), so if you use that, write me something if you’d like to!

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